Without an agreement with the cto a agreement

With the ccp technical service center is no longer a prerequisite: to register the cash register, you can do everything yourself, and conclude an agreement with specialists at will. Lifespan of a hard drive fiscal drive, analogue of eclz (electronic secure control tape – a device necessary for full accounting of income in order to correctly calculate taxes), now for the smallest businesses (payers of a patent, utii, usn in the service sector) must be replac once every 3 years (earlier eclz chang everything in equal conditions every 13 months). Ruction of checks the tax authorities announce their goal – to create an environment.

Trust between entrepreneurs and control

An environment where all sales of a company Bulk SMS Germany are available online to control authorities at any time, trust becomes a forc and self-evident consequence. Documentation simplification the journal of the cashier-operator can no longer be certifi tax office and not be kept manually, filling it out every day. Now all information is automatically generat in the personal account of the online cash register and is available to both the entrepreneur and the inspectorate. Tax duction for individual entrepreneurs on utii and the patent taxation system, the news about the use of cash desks still sounds like a bolt from the blue, because these are both additional costs and unnecessary difficulties for those who alone can hardly manage all business processes.

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There will be no compensation services

Those companies and entrepreneurs who were exempt Doctors Email List from the ccp, but lost the exemption with the new amendments, also live without cash registers, but are already actively preparing and studying the issue. From march 31, 2017 sellers of any alcohol another law that has receiv changes is 171-fz. Any sellers of any alcoholic product must begin applying the ccp from march 31, 2017, even if they previously had an exemption. The changes affect all types of alcohol (including beer, cider and mead). From july 1, 2017 first day x the final day of the complete transition: all llcs, all online stores, online entrepreneurs (except for individual entrepreneurs on psn and utii and services to the population.

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