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At the same time, there are already the first fans of your work (as a rule, relatives and friends). In order to declare to the world about yourself as a writer, you only one thing: to give readers the opportunity to know about you. First, word of mouth works. At this stage, I recommend starting your blog in order to “land” readers on some kind of platform. Gradually, over time, your book will begin to acquire an audience, people will start buying it, leaving reviews. An e-book is ne at the very beginning of the writer’s journey, when the author has something to say to the world, and publishing houses do not know anything about him yet. Thanks to the promotion of an e-book, the author can become visible to publishers.

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Army of fans. E-book1 e-book is convenient Bulk SMS Brazil what are its advantages over paper itions? Price and environmental friendliness – yes, but what else? I would put first. When you apply to a publishing house, you have to wait a very long time for a decision and approval until the project is accept into work. Sometimes waiting for a response takes from two months to a year. And sometimes more. An e-book can be design and issu in two weeks or a month and start selling on the largest sites, such as litres, bookmate, receiving royalties from sales (if your name is already promot, then you will start receiving.

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In general, the e-book segment is constantly growing Doctors Email List and is a driver of the book market development. According to the litres store, in 2012 the total revenue in the segment was 0.26 billion rubles, in 2016 it was already 2.6 billion rubles. Are there special programs for writing books? Which? They are all over the internet, for example, in the usual microsoft word. You type text, add illustrations prepar in advance in any graphic tor, and insert them into the text. Canva is a very simple and useful resource for creating and processing pictures – you don’to be a designer to make a quality illustration there. And the iting tools are very different. By the way, it is very convenient to use this site when creating illustrative content for social mia posts.

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