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In their work must switch to new online cash desks before this day. Including those who did not use ccp at all, but received this duty during the reform. Anyone who has not received a deferment by july 1, 2018 must start working in a new way. From july 1, 2018 second day x catch up with the rest of the special tax regimes that have received a year of deferral for the introduction of an online cash register, namely: entrepreneurs on utii and psn, entrepreneurs and organizations that provide services to the public or perform work, vending and vending machines, payment terminals. Penalties and penalties for breaking the law the use.

Cash registers that do not meet the requirements

Unregistered incorrectly configured penalty Bulk SMS Pakistan for individual entrepreneurs: 3,000 rubles. Penalty for llc: 10,000 rubles. Lack of an online cash register, non-penetration of a check penalty for individual entrepreneurs: 25–50% of the amount of sales, but not less than 10,000 rubles. Penalty for llc: 75–100% of the amount of sales, but not less than 30,000 rubles. If the buyer was not sent a check on demand penalty for individual entrepreneurs: 2,000 rubles. Penalty for llc: 10,000 rubles. For the first violation, in some cases, a verbal warning is possible, but for a second violation, a fine plus suspension of activities for up to 90 days is possible, and for many enterprises this isLike a mosaic, I was put together by training from different courses. Everything that I was missing.

Bulk SMS Service

This super-individual approach sav

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