How to Find and Fix Broken Links to Reclaim Valuable

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Do you want to reclaim “link juice” and improve user experience? Then it’s time to find and fix your site’s broken links and broken backlinks. Doing this will almost certainly have a positive impact on your rankings. But it’s important to note that broken links and backlinks are two entirely different problems. As such, I’ve divided this post into two sections: Here are the only two ways that broken (dead) links can end up on your website: How to Find The linked-to site decides to delete or remove the page you are linking to—this is known as “link rot”; You unwittingly end up.

Linking to the wrong

URL (i.e., you make a mistake when adding the link to your website). Some people say that broken outgoing links (both internal and external). Effectively waste “link juice”—this is due to executive data the way Google’s PageRank algorithm works. Some people also say that they hinder your websites crawlability. (For more information on the issue of “do 404’s hurt my site?”, check out this article from Google.) But technicalities aside, one thing is for sure: broken outgoing links (both internal and external) lead to a poor user experience. You should, therefore, make every effort to fix them—it’s easy, I promise!In all honesty, this is quite an easy task—it’s just super-boring.

How to Find the two

Possible fixes: Replace the broken links with live links: Depending on how many broken links you find on your website, this could take all of 5 minutes, or weeks. The process Doctors Email List itself is pretty self-explanatory—find a replacement for the broken link, then replace it on your site. (Oh, and if you’re unsure what the link used to point to, try throwing it into the Wayback Machine.) Remove the links.

Again, this can be time-consuming if you have a lot of broken links, but the process is straightforward—locate the link in the content, then just remove it. As I said, this is a pretty mundane task, so it may be worth hiring a VA to do this for you. They are ten a penny on UpWork. In other words, when done right, outsourcing can be quite powerful. In this article, I’ll show you our proven process for finding and working with freelance writers.

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