How many websites are mining cryptocurrency

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Did you know that some websites are using your computer to mine cryptocurrency? We analyzed our entire index of 175M+ domains to find out exactly how many. I’ll be honest, up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t know there was such thing as a “crypto mining script” that can be installed on your website. So let me briefly explain how crypto-mining scripts work. (I’ll try to keep it simple.) For cryptocurrencies to function, complex computational calculations have to be continually carried out; this process is called mining. Mining is carried out by miners, who earn cryptocurrency by doing so. It takes a lot of computational power to mine cryptocurrency, which means a lot of energy.

Because energy costs

Money, some websites install scripts that effectively utilise your computer’s energy to mine cryptocurrency on their behalf. So, the longer you have their site opened in company data your browser, the more coins they earn using your computer’s energy. (Clever, right?) SIDENOTE. It’s not always the website owners who install these scripts; many are simply hacked. Since cryptomining is such a hot trend right now, we thought it would be interesting to find out not only sites in the world have crypto-mining scripts installed, but also how many have enough traffic to make this a worthwhile endeavor. Abandoned websites may get hacked: I touched on this earlier. Basically, many people set up websites and then quickly lose interest.

Abandoned it’s likely

That the CMS, theme, and plugin(s) won’t receive any critical updates. This leads to security flaws which in turn, make it easier. For hackers to gain access and install Doctors Email List crypto-malware. So, while an individual website might only be getting a few dozen visitors per month, hackers may be able to mine a significant amount of cryptocurrency should they hack into, and install crypto-mining scripts on, thousands of websites. (But again, that is a pure speculation, as we didn’t really dig into that.) High-traffic have more to lose: Let’s assume you have a website with a ton of monthly search traffic; wouldn’t you avoid anything that may put your website at risk? Of course you would. There has even been rumours in the past that Google might block websites with crypto.

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