You can do this by posting the book on your own website

This works well with the practical tasks and examples that the author gives in the book. However, it is worth considering an important point: everything that is sign with your name is only your information. When citing third-party sources, be sure to give a detail link and indicate the author. This is not only ethical but also legal. If you want the book to be list in the international book accounting system, you can assign the publication a universal international isbn code. I know that this service is definitely provid by ridero. You can read about the ne for an isbn on my blog . Where to post e-books? Perhaps this is the most important question.

After the work on the e-book is complet

It becomes necessary to distribute it, blog or Bulk SMS USA social network (facebook or vkontakte, for example) – for free or at the price you set. Today, you can post goods on vkontakte and officially register an online store. Of course, in order for an e-book to be bought, the author must have at least minimal fame. The best option for a novice author is to sell your book in online e-book stores such as litres, Feel free to request sales statistics from the store. As a rule, they provide a detail report. E-book2 online e-book store you can go further and try to cast a bait abroad – into a huge electronic book ocean (these are more than 150 sites and mobile applications with a russian-speaking audience of 38 million people). Abroad, people are us to paying for e-books, and pirates are monitor much better there than in russia.

Bulk SMS Service

Therefore, you can try your luck on resources

Such acompany with 886 bookstores worldwide diesel-digital Doctors Email List one of the largest bookstores on the internet. Includes over 2.4 million books) reader)application in microsoft windows txtr ebooks (a popular e-book store in asia and australia) application on google play of a book in online stores can take from two days to several months, depending on the work of the store. The percentage of sales is also different everywhere (from 5% to 20%). Please read the “To authors and publishers” section carefully. It must be remember that store owners can, at their discretion, select the titles of the books they have for sale.

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