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Neuromarketing and advertising psychology What is advertising psychology? The psychology of advertising is use by the world’s largest corporations. In order to compete with them, it is impossible to avoid reaching for such tools to some extent. It is use to prepare campaigns, do market research, shape the image and in many other situations. which ones? About it below. We recommend Viral advertising: mega effect at low cost The psychology of advertising determines the tendencies and habits of customers and potential customers.

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It allows you to forecast behavior, anticipate it and influence trends. “… one recent experiment showe that people generally prefer products shown in advertisements that they only glance at a few minutes earlier, even if they don’t remember database seeing them at all…– once remarke Daniel L. Schacter, head of the psychology department at Harvard University. The experiment he describes took place in the 1990s. Many of the tools on which advertising psychology is base have only been use for a few decades. Registration of eye movements of people visiting a website or analysis of searches – these are commonly use tools today, impossible to use until recently.


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The influence of colors on consumer behavior The psychology of advertising is a broad topic that allows you to study such small areas as the influence of colors on customer behavior. There are data showing that the consumer makes a decision to buy Doctors Email List a product within the first 1.5 minutes from the moment he sees it. Interestingly, in 62-90 percent. it depends on the color of the packaging. This is because the human brain registers color faster than text or complex graphics. Numerous studies show that re stimulates the appetite and raises blood pressure. It is no coincidence that elements in this color are found in the logotypes of most fast-food restaurants.

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