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Save a few euros and make a better website for your business or learn something new , which can be of great financial benefit to you later. When I starte with ” web business ” and internet marketing , the first step was choosing and registering a domain. In retrospect, it is safe to say that this investment made 15 years ago has been the best of my life. By the time you read the next 5000+ words, you should be able to make a pretty good website. If you take a moment and read the following, you will be able to: You can choose the best and most suitable. You can choose the web hosting that suits you and register the domain that suits you.

Even what your domain name

You can install your website, create a nice and user-friendly design for your website, and eit and configure your website correctly. First step: choose a platform to make your website. In general, choosing a web development platform is the database very first thing that is decide when creating a website. Don’t worry at all about what your future website will look like or will be. I’m incline to think that you’ve actually already picke it out What exactly do I mean by “web building platform” Creating websites in 2023 has completely change compare to twenty years ago (and more). Back then, times were different, and without knowing the code necessary for web construction, you basically couldn’t create your own website on your own.


A little surprising that even today

Then the keywords were HTML , CSS and Flash (RIP Flash Player 1996-2020) . Knowing and learning these computer languages ​​is certainly not Doctors Email List easy. It is simply not practical for a regular computer user to learn code just to create a functioning website. It’s, a large number of people think that making a website yourself and for free is a difficult and time-consuming process.

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