Management of negative feback

Offer information and solutions to report problems: it is important to provide all the information ne to clarify the situation and the progress of the sales process on the marketplace. Customers are often Management of negative feback unaware of many of the operating dynamics. Attributing responsibilities to the seller that go beyond his work. More often than not. Inexperienc users use the seller’s feback when they would instead like to leave a negative review on the product. In these cases.

The ideal is to contact the customer and explain the situation

The ideal is to contact the customer and explain the new data situation. It should always be remember that although it is legitimate to express even harsh criticism about the purchasing experience. The unfoundness of the complaints and the use of aggressive and defamatory expressions can constitute the crime of defamation. Which can be prosecut through a complaint.
Amazon feback policies

Amazon has stringent policies regarding feback

Management of negative feback Doctors Email List
Negative feback impacts the seller’s reputation and sales. It is therefore necessary to try to do everything possible to limit the damage resulting from negative feback. Here are some helpful tips:
Take action promptly: a fast response is a testament to prompt and efficient customer support. Even for new potential customers.
Be professional: avoid standard answers. Make it clear that feback always receives attention and support. Maintain a kind and personaliz approach for each customer. It is important to respond point by point to the questions rais.

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