Ueno Station Access lines and connections

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How to get to Shinagawa Station Unlike many large stations, Shinagawa Station has only two entrances and two exits . On the west side is the Takanawa exit, and on the east side is the Konan exit. Inside the station, a long corridor connects both exits, dividing the station in half.

The station has two floors, designed to facilitate the use of travelers. The JR and Shinkansen platforms are located on the first floor , while the Keykiu platforms are located on the second floor. The JR office is located near the center of the station , in the Main Hall, where you can activate your JR Pass and reserve your seat .

Coin ticket booths abound on the north side of the station and restaurants

Bus stops are located on both sides of the station. The Database eastern bus stop allows access to limousine buses. Bus lines include Toei bus, Keikyu bus, Tokyu bus, and airport shuttle.

Shinagawa Station Map

What to do at Shinagawa Station
Taking the Takanawa West Exit, you will have access to many restaurants and hotels , including the Takanawa Keikyu and Tobu Hotels, the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa, and the Shinagawa Prince Hotel. The Epson Aqua Stadium can also be found here.

Exiting on the east side of Konan (you can buy ekiben before leaving the station) you’ll find the Atre shopping mall , as well as the offices and restaurants of the Shinagawa Intercity complex. The Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology is also nearby.

With your JR Pass in hand you are ready to discover all that Tokyo in particular


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Located in Tokyo ‘s Taito Pavilion , Ueno Station has long been the city’s quintessential transportation hub. It was built in 1883 and inspired a pre-1912 poem by the young Ishikawa Takuboku. A commemorative plaque about the poem can be seen inside the station. Today, Ueno Station is used by both local travelers and those who need to catch long-distance trains arriving in Tokyo from the northern regions of Japan.

Smaller than many of the other stations in Tokyo, Ueno Station is well suited for the international traveler. Keep the following information in mind if you want your trip to be fun and carefree!

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