The main functions of automated marketing

The segmentation of leads in the database is not optimiz or does not exist at all, as a result, managers do not know who to call first. There is no way to track the specific interest and involvement of the client in order to make a personal offer. All these problems are solv with the help of marketing automation technology. Its essence is that the special functionality of the software identifies the factors that the audience reacts to, and then sends a newsletter with a personal offer to those to whom it will be most relevant. there are two main stages of this technology. Lead scoring is an automatic accrual of points for the target actions of customers on the site.

By the number of points it is possible

To track the degree of consumer involvement SMS Gateway Slovenia and identify those who are inclin to buy. You yourself create a points system that is convenient for you and your employees. For example, one open letter – 1 point, the transition from the letter to the site – 2 points, revisiting the page – 5 points, etc. As a result, when a potential client scores the requir number of points, you know about the degree of his interest and, bas on this , make him a target offer that will best meet the level of his interests. This is how lead scoring looks like in the timigitalcrm system this is how lead scoring looks.

Bulk SMS Service

Like in the timigitalcrm system

Site tracking is the next stage of the system. This is a function Doctors Email List of tracking the movements of the client on your site. By seeing which pages your consumer visits, you will not only know what he is interest in, but you will also be able to segment your database by interest in specific products. For example, igor ivanov, who look through smartphones, receives some offers, and dmitry petrov, who look through drills, receives others. This is what the subscriber file looks like this is what the subscriber file looks like when you know how many times your consumer has visit your site and what pages they have view, you can plan target email campaigns with content that hits the spot.

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