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You’re no longer limit in your creations! Half ads according to the platform. Twitter blue subscribers should see roughly fewer ads than non-subscribers in the for you and following timelines. Longer tweets this one is for you chatty kathy’s and twitter monologue-rest out there. You can now tweet up to . Characters. Whew! These long tweets are awesome for content creators out there who like to post how-to guides or create long-form written content. It’s even possible that long-form tweets can help you with your twitter seo but we’ll have to dig deeper on that. Sms two-factor authentication to twitter blue gives you the option of setting up a tfa for an add layer of protection.

Post at the Right Time

For those with huge followings or those who regularly monetize their accounts. This can be a much-ne protection upgrade. New twitter blue features are still rolling out. So keep your peepers peel for drops! Benefits of using twitter blue some people may be wondering. What is the point of twitter blue? Can’t i just use my free version of twitter?

And the answer is. Of course. You can. But you’ll be business lead missing out on benefits and cool features like those list above. While a subscription will bring your twitter cost up. It comes with some other benefits you should know about. Verification badge the only way to get a blue badge on twitter is to sign up for twitter blue and have your account verify.

Use the Word You and Action Verbs

If you are an organization or a government body. You can also receive a gold or grey badge once you sign up for the verify organization subscription. Access to features with a twitter blue account. You’ll imtely gain access to all of the features list above. If you’re one of the people who has been begging for an it button for years. That perk alone may be worth the price of admission.

Dicot subscription support twitter Doctors Email List blue subscriptions have a dicot service helpline. If anything goes wonky with your account. You can just hop on a call with a twitter rep. This is an especially useful benefit to have while twitter tweaks and adjusts processes for these new subscription models.

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