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Text formatting twitter blue subscribers can bold Global Good and italicize text in their tweets. Fancy! Nft profile pictures you can display the nfts you own in a hex-shap profile picture on your twitter account. This requires a temporary connection to your crypto wallet. Themes you can choose from a few colorful app themes to customize your mobile twitter experience. This is a great way for twitter marketers to stand out from the crowd when sharing screenshots on their blog or website. Custom navigation customize your navigation bar for easy access to the content you want to see. Select – items to pin to your bottom navigation bar.

Make It Easy to Donate

Spaces tab the new spaces tab is still in beta and only available to a select few people globally. But if it’s a success. It could roll out to all twitter blue users. It gives you easy access to audio content. So you can find podcasts. Them audio stations. Record spaces. And live spaces. Top articles in top articles. You’ll be able to find the most-shar articles in your network. It’s a great tab for business email list content creators and brands to find trending content. Reader the reader feature promises to turn long threads into a more beautiful reading experience. Basically. It displays threads in an easy-to-digest format.

Curate a Mix of Content

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Undo tweet undo tweet is your opportunity to rethink whatever you just went to publish. It allows you to retract a tweet after you send it. But before anyone on twitter can see it. You can use it to preview texts. And it can be super useful in the heat of the moment for those twitter warriors among us. Prioritiz rankings in conversations this feature gives your replies priority on tweets Doctors Email List that you interact with. Climb to the top of that conversation! Longer video upload longer video uploads allow you to upload videos up to minutes long and up to gb file size (p). For vloggers and video content creators. This is a true gift.

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