Analyze Behavioral Data and Social Interactions

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According to data from the DemandGen Report 55% of B2B buyers use corporate social networks during the activities involv in the purchasing process: which means that prospects share and discuss their nes with the network visit websites and make questions to other users. The data available within the platforms can help build a marketing strategy bas on the profile of potential customers and therefore truly personaliz and effective.

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 We will see how to exploit the information offer by social mia to create a better connection between company and potential customers; we will talk about the Business Lead importance of: Analyze behavioral data and social interactions Understand and study the profile of prospects Building valuable relationships thanks to social mia The role of corporate social networks in B2B marketing Social mia is constantly evolving and experts see a trend in trying to offer more and more value to users. Facebook for example focuses on video content while LinkIn focuses on business contact management.

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The personalization of the propos contents is more like a relationship between people than between businesses and in this sense social networks offer excellent ideas for making the interaction much more effective precisely because it is personal. Let’s now go into detail about the techniques for exploiting social mia channels to obtain better results from the marketing program. Analyze behavioral data and social interactions To understand Doctors Email List the social behavior of your interlocutors you can analyze the type of content that generat the most interactions (clicks comments likes and shares).

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