When Booking Business Trips Sustainability

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Why insurance is so important for companies. Covid-19 continues to be an issue worldwide. Insurance that takes the pandemic into account is just the thing. How can companies and their employees claim the insurance? Birgit Hölzel: It’s very simple. We offer our customers a variety of different payment options, to which you can choose our […]

The method and look for another one

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It will present a clear picture of the impact of the company’s communication on the recipients – both from an internal and external perspective. It will determine whether your communication supports your company’s nees or nees adjustment. Ii will identify information gaps, unclear messages and communication channelsthat do not deliver the values ​​intende. In addition, […]

The most successful companies operating

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Within an hour, our client found his dream vacation and booke the trip! CASE STUDY Global Success Achieve Locally – Uber Ice Cream Campaign NataliaNataliaSeptember 23, 2015 ・ 4 min read Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with LinkeIn The “sharing economy”, the share economy, is gaining more and more popularity and there is […]