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Why insurance is so important for companies. Covid-19 continues to be an issue worldwide. Insurance that takes the pandemic into account is just the thing. How can companies and their employees claim the insurance? Birgit Hölzel: It’s very simple. We offer our customers a variety of different payment options, to which you can choose our insurance in advance: Central processing via the AirPlus Company Account, classic company crdit cards or virtual crdit cards. If a company traveler uses one of these options when booking his business trip, the insurance will take effect automatically.

Companies Find Sustainable Criteria Important

The traveler is thus insurd. There are only a few exceptions, such as in China or the USA, since their own insurance conditions apply whatsapp mobile number list there. Andy Stehrenberger: And if companies did not choose any insurance when concluding the contract, this can of course be initiatd later. Our AirPlus Account Managers will be happy to help you further. Hanno Kirsch: I would like to point out one important point. We all know it, some business travel destinations are particularly attractive and travelers extend their stay by a few private days.

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In this case, we recommend employees to consider private travel insurance for this period. Why do companies place such Doctors Email List importance on travel insurance for their employees? Andy Stehrenberger: Duty of care is the term that travel managers like to use here – not just since the pandemic, but of course it is increasingly so at the moment. Duty of Care describes the duty of care that companies have towards their travelers and which is also regulatd by law. Companies must take all necessary precautions to protect their employees That’s true.

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