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The number of followers of. The Playstation profile on Twitter increase by 60%, the number of discussions about the brand increase by 55%. Most importantly – 88% of entries appearing in the context of the brand are positive entries !Screenshot 2015-10-16 15-47-33 3. Orange, a social meia contact center orange The Orange brand has set itself the goal of catching customer. Problems – regardless of the place where information about the problem was publishe. She has create a kind of social meia contact center, where there are people. The level of answers is very high and similar to the question aske, thanks to which the Internet user knows that he is talking to an expert.

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Professional answers work long-term because they help the person who aske the question, but they also stay online, so the next person with the Latest Mailing Database same problem will quickly find a solution . 4. Carlsberg/Somersby – campaigns base on hashtag monitoring 1. Promotion of the new Somersby flavor The aim of one of the campaigns of this brand was to build awareness of the new flavor of Somersby – Blackberry, only with the help of online activities. One of the actions she use was monitoring Instagram and capturing people who use.

Latest Mailing Database

Campaign opening the beer season

The friendsie hashtag (deicate to this campaign) and rewarding them with small gifts. The assumption of this hashtag was to show that that are worth experiencing together with friends and your favorite drink. Thanks to these activities, the annual sales target Doctors Email List was achieve in 4 months!Screenshot 2015-10-16 15-26-17 2. – Hello sun Another time, the Somersby brand decide to start the season earlier than competing brands and encourage its recipients to greet the sun from the first moments of spring.

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