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It will present a clear picture of the impact of the company’s communication on the recipients – both from an internal and external perspective. It will determine whether your communication supports your company’s nees or nees adjustment. Ii will identify information gaps, unclear messages and communication channelsthat do not deliver the values ​​intende. In addition, a communication audit will help you establish a benchmark for all ongoing communication so that you can measure its performance and allocate your resources wisely. What will the audit reveal.

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The insights from a communications audit will help you focus your efforts on the right aspects of your business. As a result, you will gain increase revenue and better results. A communication audit is not intende to “bare” imperfections. This process whatsapp mobile number list is to help identify them so that you can improve what nees to be improve. These are the questions that, among others, a communication audit will answer. What are the current communication goals of employees? Do employees receive information and messages addresse to them and do they take appropriate action? Which communication strategies and tactics use in the company were the most effective.

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What do employees think about internal content directe at them by the company? Does the generate content support the company’s business strategies and goals? Your key recipients – what do they currently know about your company, what Doctors Email List opinions do they have to share about it, what should they know and what channels do they prefer? We recommend How do mistakes in marketing communication occur? Efficient communication means real benefits. A 2017 study found that overall satisfaction with internal communication , as well as individual dimensions of communication, were positively relate to employee engagement.

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