PASMO SUICA and other transportation cards

The issue of using public transport on international trips is always restless and can become quite an adventure. You May Be Worried About Not Knowing How to Get. Around in Japan , but Japan Has Taken the Right Steps to Make. Its Public Transportation Effective and Easy for Both Residents and Visiting Tourists.

In this article we teach you how to use the main IC Cards: PASMO, SUICA and ICOCA, transport cards that will allow you to travel through the main metropolitan areas of the country.

It is a transport card similar to those used in many other countries

Japanese IC Cards are prepaid and reloadable Latest Mailing Database cards . You just have to “load” them with your funds and use them in public transport: train stations, metro, buses, ferries, cable cars… It is also accepted in some shops, vending machines and restaurants throughout the country .

where to buy them
Upon your arrival in Japan , you can purchase the card at any ticket sales counter enabled for it. You can also get it from one of the machines that you will find in most stations. In these automatic sales points you will find the instructions for use in English (to facilitate their acquisition for foreign travelers).

A card costs an average of 2,000 yen. Of this amount, 500 yen is a deposit (recoverable) and 1,500 is the budget you have to make your different journeys. You can recharge it with a maximum of 20,000 yen. As you spend it, you will have to reload it.

With the amount you deem appropriate at any train station or place that has this service

Latest Mailing Database

You Only Have to Place Your Card on the Reader for a Few Doctors Email List Seconds. Where Your Available Balance Will Also Appear. If You Need to Recharge the Card, on the Same Platform You Will Find Machines Where You Can Do So.

Remember That the Card Has. A Specific Area of ​​validity . To Avoid Complications. Confirm That Both the Departure. And Arrival Stations Are Your Area of ​​operation.

If the card reader gives an error or for any reason the access door does not open, go to the customer service that you will see at any station.

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