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Many believ that revenue (income) is the amount of “Incoming” money to the current account, already ruc by the amount of the commission. Now this issue will be finally resolv in favor of the full amount, since the proces go through the checkout in full. Cloud solutions are attractive prospects it is likely that in the near future cloud solutions cash register for an online store in a kind of round-the-clock “parking lot” like hosting. Athol has already announc the preparation of such an option, the creation of a “Cash farm” for internet entrepreneurs.

In the ideal picture the connection

The online checkout will look something Bulk SMS Belgium like a regular hosting, namely this an llc or an individual entrepreneur enters into an agreement with ofd and cloud cash hosting. Acquires his personal fn (fiscal drive). Registers it to your tin in the taxpayer’s personal account. Leases it “for parking” (for hosting, for a farm). There it is install in the case of the online cash register. Connect to internet and power. Next, the api is connect to your site. What’s next when a signal is receiv from the site about receiving payment, then everything happens according to the describ scheme.

Bulk SMS Service

The check is fiscaliz by the fiscal

Accumulator, copies of the check are sent to the buyer Doctors Email List and to the tax office (through ofd). In this option, the best part is that everything happens without the participation of the seller. Even if the entrepreneur himself went on vacation, the electricity went out or the internet. Hung up payments are made on the site. But the cloud service in this particular solution has not yet been launch, everyone is looking forward to the first solutions from manufacturers in this area. In the meantime, all “Cloud” offers mean software solutions that simplify. The management of a physical ccp in your office or at home via a tablet or laptop. For a monthly fee from 500 to 3500 rubles.

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