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That allow you to link a website, a system for accounting for goods and sales, and other functions to a cash register. Non-cash bank transfers recently, I managed to find another interesting solution from one of the payment aggregators. It allows entrepreneurs to do without an online cash register and still accept payments via the internet. One online store was able to technically implement payment acceptance services in such a way that the system issues an invoice-receipt for payment for goods / services of the seller by bank transfer. In accordance with article 1.1 of the 54-fz, these operations do not fall under the definition of Settlements.

The receipt or payment of funds using

Cash and (or) electronic means of payment Bulk SMS Netherlands what do the seller and the buyer do in this case? Thus, the seller does not accept funds at the time of invoicing. He issues an invoice, transfers his details, the amount and purpose of the payment, and does not know when and how it will be paid and whether it will be paid at all. Further, the buyer can print and pay this invoice at any bank branch. Or on the website of the same aggregator using a bank card (which most often happens immediately after receiving an invoice). But formally, the current legislation of the russian federation does not provide for the use of cash registers for non-cash payments. It is not required to punch checks for non-cash payments.

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They are subject to the provisions

Regulations on the rules for the transfer of funds Doctors Email List payment when. Transferring money online on an invoice, you do not need to instantly punch a check action. Plan for an online store to switch to an online checkout we determine by what date you need to acquire equipment (07/01/2017 or 07/01/2018). We find out whether it is possible to modify the old model of the cash register, if any. We find out the cost of modernization, add the costs of fn (fiscal drive), connection and configuration services, compare the total amount of expenses with the purchase and connection of a new modern cash register. If the modernization is possible and appropriate, we order a revision service at the service center, after which we proceed to point.

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