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Which is intend only (!) for remote settlements via. The internet (using electronic means of payment), is us only for these settlements. Remote – these are calculations that exclude the interaction of the seller and the buyer. An online cash register for remote settlements is a separate type of cash register. It does not provide a check-printing function and is not design to accept cash payments. An example of such a model is atol 42fs: atol 42fs-min atol 42fs if an entrepreneur accepts payments for his goods and services only through the website, an online cash desk of this type will suffice.

Registering an online cash register

Register for a website, it will be necessary Bulk SMS Czech Republic to indicate in the application that this cash register will be us only for payments on the internet using electronic means of payment. This device will also ne to provide a 24/7 internet connection and integration with the site. Pos equipment manufacturers and creators of popular website engines and platforms have already develop and continue to improve api connection schemes with each other. Your site, using built-in modules and processes, must first receive a signal from the payment aggregator that the payment was successful. And then immiately send a signal to the cash register about the perfect sale and payment.

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Further, the cash desk begins to do its

To punch an electronic check, save it to the fiscal Doctors Email List drive and send copies. Of it to the buyer and to the ofd. The fiscal data operator saves the payment in your personal account and sends a copy to the inspection. Purchase process funds from buyers on the site will go to your current account in accordance with the agreement with the payment system, either immiately or after a certain period. And from them the commission for acceptance of payments will be duct. And your revenue is fix exactly at the moment the buyer pays and in the amount in which the purchase was made – before the commission is duct. Shema pokupki there has been a lot of controversy about this on the internet among entrepreneurs.

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