What do you have that sets you apart from all your competitors?

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How are you different from your competitors? Write down the names of your top 5-10 competitors and add any keywords or phrases that come to mind for each. (for example. One competitor might be “long establish   but products are increasingly older” and another might be “cheap but known for poor customer service.”) how are you different? What do you have that sets you apart from all your competitors? Maybe it’s your fantastic money-back guarantee. Your high-quality design. Your friendly and approachable tone. Or the specific audience you focus on serving. Could it become your usp? Here we offer other useful tips for conducting a swot analysis.


Dynamic and fun company

Using your unique selling proposition once you have a clear usp. You ne   to make sure you email List communicate it to your customers. This isn’t just a slogan (although that’s what you’re struggling with; there are some great examples here). It’s also about communicating your usp through every aspect of your brand. Including: your design choices. If your usp is that you are a young. Dynamic and fun company. You won’t notice this if your website is in boring corporate blue with lots of bland stock photos. (looking for some easy-to-use tools to create custom images? Check out our list of the best free image creators for marketers.


Then you don't want to send social

Your communication with customers and potential customers. If your Doctors Email List usp is that you are very responsive and helpful. It won’t look good if your customer service team takes days to respond to emails or if they overly rely on scripts. So they sometimes fail to resolve the issue. Your social m  ia channels. If “maximum attention to detail” is part of your usp. Then you don’t want to send social m  ia messages with poor spelling or grammar. Whatever your usp. You also want the material you share or retweet to link back to it. (see this post for tips on optimizing your social m  ia posts.

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