You’re not about to disappear overnight

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 Long since. If your company has been around for many years. Then you might want to focus on this as your usp – it shows a lot of experience and reassures customers that if you’ve been around for that long. You’re not about to disappear overnight. Important: your usp should be one thing… not several. Don’t try to offer “the highest quality at the lowest price”. Because you will have to compromise on one or the other. You will also dilute the power of your message by cramming in too much. Three questions to help you find your unique selling proposition three questions to help you find your unique selling proposition what if you don’t have an obvious usp? Maybe your product or service is perfectly good… but there’s nothing that makes it stand out.

You want your usp to arise from what you're already

 As a marketer. You may be tempt   to “force” a usp: pick something and add it to your company’s brand. But. Ideally. You country email list want your usp to arise from what you’re already doing. There is almost certainly something that can be built upon. Here are some questions to ask yourself:   1: what do your existing customers praise? Take a look at testimonials and emails you’ve receiv   from previous customers. And leverage social listening tools to tap into discussions around the web. What do they understand about your brand? Maybe several people talk about the “great communication” of your customer service. Or the “really fast shipping” of your products.


Maybe it's the awareness of offering

 You may find that customers notice something you would take for grant  . Like your Doctors Email List company’s d  ication to detail. Or your well-design   customer onboarding processes that run smoothly. Could you build on this to create a usp?   2: what are your colleagues proud of? What do your colleagues (especially those who interact directly with customers) like most about your brand? Maybe it’s the awareness of offering a high-quality service. Rather than trying to serve as many people as possible at the lowest prices. Or maybe it’s the flexibility they have to offer discounts or bonuses to customers. By finding out what your colleagues love most about your brand. You can start to identify potential usps again that you could use in your marketing.

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