What Do the Early Responses Show?

It seems as though the us questions are slightly easier
The uk test appears to be a little harder (judging both by the accuracy of laypeople, and with a subjective eye). And while accuracy generally increases with experience in both the uk and the us, the vast majority of uk respondents performed worse than a coin flip:

Some easy questions might skew the data in the us

Digging into the data, there are a few of the us questions that are absolute no-brainers (e.G. There’s a question about the keyword [mortgage calculator] in the us that 84% of respondents get right regardless of their experience). In comparison, the easiest one in Forex Email List the uk was also a mortgage-related query ([mortgage comparisons]) but only 2/3 of people got that right (67%).

Compare the uk results by keyword

So, even though the overall accuracy was a little  Doctors Eamil List above 50% in the us (around 56% or roughly 5/9), I’m not actually convinced that us serps are generally easier to understand. I think there are a lot of us serps where human accuracy is in the 40% range.

The dunning-kruger effect is on display
The dunning-kruger effect is a well-studied psychological phenomenon whereby people “fail to adequately assess their level of competence,” typically feeling unsure in areas where they are actually strong (impostor syndrome) and overconfident in areas where they are weak. Alongside the raw predictions, I asked respondents to give their confidence in their rankings for each url pair on a scale from 1 (“essentially a guess, but I’ve picked the one I think”) to 5 (“I’m sure my chosen page should rank better”).


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