There is Hope for Our Ability to Fight Machine Learning With Machine Learning

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One of the disappointments of putting together this test was that by the time I’d made the google form I knew too many of the answer to be able to test myself fairly. But I was comforted by the fact that I could do the next best thing — I could test my neural network (well, my model, refactored by our r&d team and trained on data they gathered, which we flippantly called deeprank).

I Think This is Fair; the Instructions Did Say

“use whatever tools you like to assess the sites, but please don’t skew the results by performing the queries on google yourself.” the neural network wasn’t trained on these results, so I think that’s within the rules. I ran it on the uk questions because it was trained on google.Co.Uk serps, and it did better than a coin flip:

So maybe there is hope that smarter tools could help Gambling Email List us continue to answer questions like “why is our competitor outranking us on this search?”, even as google’s black box gets ever more complex and impenetrable.

I Think This is Fair; the Instructions Did Say

I gather more data and get updates on deeprank when  Doctors Eamil List it’s ready for prime-time, be sure to add your email address when you:

Take the test (or just drop me your email here)
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