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Lateral marketing can be base on: different. A marketing audit within traditional marketing would define the nees of the market. Using lateral marketing, completely new markets and opportunities can be taken into account. We recommend PESTEL analysis in the service of marketing An example cite in the book is that of a cereal manufacturer who imagines no milk or no bowl to serve breakfast. Disharmony arises. The business owner thinks of numerous ways in which he can “fix” this situation: pouring cereals with water, juice, coffee.

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After a long brainstorming, the development of a cereal bar turne out to be the right solution in this situation. Such a product allows you to eat cereal without milk and without using a bowl. Are you looking for support for your marketing phone number list activities? You’ve come to the right place. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Lateral marketing – examples of applications Lateral marketing can be seen everywhere. Why such popularity? Many large companies are well aware that this works. For example, women have always been a smaller proportion of beer buyers. Concerns have therefore create colorful, sweet alcoholic beverages referring to lemonade, rose wine or apple cider.

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Solving problems in your organization

Thanks to this, they create a new market and a nee that did not exist before. You can also go the way of looking for an unusual group of recipients for whom you can create a product. This is probably how the idea for non-alcoholic champagne for Doctors Email List children or wine for pregnant women was born. Lateral marketing may also involve changing the way you shop or pay, such as subscribing to services instead of a one-off bill, or ordering online instead of in person. Sometimes this way you manage to reach a completely new client. At other times, a completely new nee can be create in the existing one. We recommend Conversion funnel – how to build it in your industry? Not only traditional marketing Lateral marketing can be confuse with other common definitions in trading.

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