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Vladimir after the speech and ask for an interview or other material for us, those who need simpler solutions. He promised to tell, we are waiting! Nikita florinsky talked about the relationship of all elements of the marketing mix: product, sales, lead generation. There was a cool story about the reseda suleiman company. It is a pity that there was not enough time for all the cases, but the interactive was cool. Round table at the end of the first day – expert reviews on how advertising innovations work (or again don’t work ). A very cool format, when you can listen in one fell swoop about different cases, from the audience they also talk about their experience.

A general picture is formed

Some places were missing second day SMS Gateway Iraq oleg polyakov and roman prokopiev about traffic from vk for b2b. By the way, many speakers said that real photos from smartphones, humor, demotivators and so on work better than glossy designer banners. Are we trying? Daria manelova – as always, a performance in the “take it and do it” format. If you need to work with bloggers on instagram, get yourself dasha’s speech, you will have instructions. I am proud that this year dasha is also a speaker of “marketing from the basics” – I look forward to it.

Bulk SMS Service

One way to reduce advertising costs

With examples alexander dunaev about Doctors Email List sales on instagram. I did not manage to listen to this performance in full, but there was also a lot of interesting things. Beloved alena mumladze talked about traffic from photo country. Do you have experience with this network? I have no. Meanwhile, there you can even promote what is prohibited on vkontakte. Screenshot 2017-04-17 at 9.46.16 but dr. House was banned on the photo country (in fact, this is an advertisement for a dating site) the final chord is dmitry rumyantsev about advertising life hacks. Even if there were no other speeches, it would have paid off participation in the conference.

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