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This time we will probably hold two meetings of our club – the second day in orel, neighboring bryansk. In orel, we are just entering the market, we see the client and we see the need for quality service. And then we will develop other regions. You have serious plans to take over the world! Yes, or at least parts of the world. where do small printers start? You should always start with one thing – love your client. your client doubly, triply. And when you have grown up a little, it is important to keep this love. And then the client will reciprocate. As in any relationship. Thank you, roman, for such interesting cases! We fully agree that any project should be based on love for the client and a sincere desire to be useful to him.

Do you have any interesting stories

About cultivating customer loyalty in Bulk SMS Malaysia your practice? Roman gulyaev, director of visual communications agency “bestconference “find your traffic ii” – short report april 17, 2017 business , interesting last weekend, april 15 and 16, I was at the find your traffic conference. This time I didn’t have any special functions – speaker or moderator, so I just watched, listened, absorbed, established useful contacts and agreed on new materials for you and me. photos – what is, instagram. Professional photos will appear a little later in the event group . The neighborhood of our logo with the logo of the publishing house “Mann, ivanov and ferber” always pleases overall impressions are, as always, very positive. Was at 10 performances in two days – not a single one left disappointed. There are a lot of invented ideas and acquired life hacks – for myself and for clients.

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The star of the conference is undoubtedly

Vyacheslav sergeev. Guys, he’s 15 years old! He has been Doctors Email List working in social networks for several years, made a detailed presentation, showed cases, told everything very to the point and worked amazingly with the audience – it was cool and funny. At the same time, he sent an application for the performance. Now that’s courage! Screenshot 2017-04-17 at 9.44.09 girls (by the way, the color of domestic internet marketing!) and slava, even before the performance screenshot 2017-04-17 at 9.45.09 nadya rayushkina is one of my favorite speakers, co-trainer, curator of marketing from the basics. It was very interesting about local businesses and how geo works (or doesn’t work ). Vladimir davydov from “Completo” blew my mind – it seems that not only me, but everyone in the hall. He spoke about end-to-end multi-channel.

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