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The life of a marketer mom a little easier. screenshot 2017-04-17 at 9.47.44 yes, as usual, there was a networking zone and a networking party at the end of the first day (very praised, but I could not take part), only bottled water, fire in every report, soulful atmosphere andhow to choose a template for wordpress april 17, 2017 website promotion wordpress has long ceased to be exclusively a blogging engine. News sites, online stores, portfolios, business card sites are created on it – there are many use cases. For each function, the wordpress engine offers a number of design templates to make the site beautiful and as practical as possible to use. The official wordpress portal offers tens of thousands of themes. On the pages of individual developers.

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So which template/theme to choose? How not to Bulk SMS Myanmar get lost in this diversity and find the most effective solution? Template = theme or not? WordPress sites often use the two terms interchangeably in discussions. To clearly understand, let’s figure out what we are talking about. Theme (in the english version – theme) – the appearance of the site, the visual display of content. In the site management console, the name of the theme used is displayed on the main page, as well as in the “Appearance – themes” menu. A template (in the english version – template) is a specific program code, a separate file, which can be viewed in the menu “Console – appearance – editor”. On the side there will be a list of template files responsible for various “Pieces” of the site. For example, header.Php is the site header, footer is the footer, css is the style sheet.

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Make up the design of the site, its functional and structural features. Each theme has several template files, while they can be edited, modified separately, each category, different types of publications on the site can be displayed with a different template. Webmasters download and install themes, not templates, but users perceive these concepts as one and the same. Let’s follow the example of search engines and use the terms “Template” and “Theme” as equivalent in this article. What to look for when choosing a template source there are many sites on the web that offer various templates. But like yogurt, not all are created equal, and not all templates are safe to download and use.

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