Personal and business accounts have different

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Although social networks seem like free and unrestricted spaces, Personal and most of them. Establish a series of rules that users must respect to be part of the community, such is the case of copyright on TikTok. This is a series of legal. Parameters that protect the original works of content creators.  This case users […]

Stay Ahead of the Game with Google Core Web Vitals Mastery

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Automatic ones are a way to Stay Ahead test what works and what doesn’t, thus saving time and money. I give you an example. Let’s assume that we attack the keyword: vacuum cleaners For a “white” niche. We would have to hire an editor and commission. About 20-30 texts (generally). 30 texts * €15/1000 words […]

John Lewis divorces fantasy to put his feet on the ground

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Lovable characters whose stories seem to spring straight from a fairy tale have long taken center stage in John Lewis ‘ Christmas spots . However, this year the British retailer has separated itself from the arms of fantasy, usually lavish in its Christmas advertising, to set its sights on a much more realistic (but no […]

Product Professionals’ Exclusive Club

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Subscription-based businesses, such as Product Professionals. streaming services and subscription boxes, can utilize social media to attract new. Subscribers and retain existing ones. This section discusses. Strategies for social media marketing for subscription-based businesses. Including exclusive content, behind-the-scenes access, and referral programs. This section explores the future trends and possibilities in social media marketing. Including […]

What is needed to use Google Optimize?

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What is needed to use Google Optimize? Let’s now see what we need to use this great tool and get the most out of it. Enga, we will immediately get to work (Benito, what happened to you) to do tests and optimize things… An Analytics account . Optimize works with Analytics, it is a requirement. […]