John Lewis divorces fantasy to put his feet on the ground

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Lovable characters whose stories seem to spring straight from a fairy tale have long taken center stage in John Lewis ‘ Christmas spots . However, this year the British retailer has separated itself from the arms of fantasy, usually lavish in its Christmas advertising, to set its sights on a much more realistic (but no less emotional) story starring a foster father. In the spot, a middle-aged man prepares for the arrival of his new foster daughter, Ellie, trying to connect with the young woman’s passion for skateboarding. The new John Lewis Christmas campaign , which would have cost 7 million pounds (around 8 million euros), contrasts with the story chosen last year by the British department store , which gave the spotlight to an alien girl and which therefore The fantastic theme was related to other spots from the company.

The brand's latest Christmas advert

“tells a very different story to anything category email list we have done before” with the ultimate goal of making the viewer reflect on how they can contribute their bit. of sand and help the most disadvantaged children. Unlike other large advertisers on British soil, John Lewis has released its Christmas advertisement this year a little later than usual and has decided to rely on placements not so attached to “prime time” at a time when advertising is reaching prices astronomical events on the small screen due to the coincidence of Christmas, the World Cup and Black Friday.

We could have bet big on the magic and fun of Christmas

but it didn’t seem right this year with everything that is happening . We considered that the right thing to do was to give the spotlight to the caregivers and that we could laugh, but in a somewhat different way than usual,” says Holly Kicul, senior advertising manager at John Lewis. Surrounded by the strains of the 1990 Doctors Email List hit “All the Small Things” by American singer Mike Geier, the foster father who stars in the latest from John Lewis seems to be in the middle of a midlife crisis and practices day and night tricks of “ skateboarding” (going so far as to take his inseparable skateboard to the office).

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