Provide in the place of your physical presence

An online cash desk constantly connect to the internet 24/7. Then you can punch checks on it for buyers who themselves have reach you. And also set up automatic, without your participation, breaking through electronic checks to buyers who pay on the site. When to use multiple cash registers but for delivery by courier, this device in the office is not suitable. You won’t be able to take it with you. Punching a check in advance, as we said above, is a violation . For the same reason, it will not be possible to manage with one cash desk if you have two or more offices or places for issuing orders.

An exception is partner or agency points

Where the check for the payment SMS Gateway Switzerland receiv must be punch by the agent or partner. It turns out that you will ne as many cash registers as the number of places for issuing orders and receiving payments you use. Or how many of your couriers work in one shift. Where should the device be locat and who issues checks you can use the online checkout from the office when deliver by courier only if the order is paid online – on the website. If the buyer pays for the order in cash or by bank card at the time of receipt from the courier or at the point of issue, the rules come into force that the check must be punch: payer, at the time of calculation (rule 5 minutes), at the place of settlement.

Bulk SMS Service

Delivery with checkout when paying

At the place of receipt of the order, the calculation Doctors Email List must be made within 5 minutes not all register models of online cash desks from the registry are suitable for registering online payments on the site. Some are for cash only. But there are those that just provide the technical possibility for parallel work: for payments on the site and for cash payments. Who doesn’t ne a cash register thus, only online stores can do without a cash register. Which do not deliver or issue orders on their own and do not accept payment on the site. They work exclusively by bank transfer or with the help of delivery services and pick-up points. Then the checks are punch by the delivery service or the point of issue.

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