Stores that work only with legal entities

Sell goods in bulk. When is it better to have 2 ccps by the way, trying to link all payment channels to one cash register is an opportunity, but not an obligation. Sometimes this is inconvenient. For example, it is not possible to provide round-the-clock internet access at the point of issue. But at the same time, payments are accept on the site and there is a cash payment at the point of issue. If funds allow, then two ccps can be install. One cash register – for cash payments – turn off when everyone leaves, and the second – for payments on the site. Keep it always plugg in and connect to the internet. Moreover, it can be in the office or at home.

Acceptance of payments on the site

Goods and services internet acquiring Bulk SMS Swen this payment method was mention above for online stores, but I decid to highlight it additionally. Payment on the site is relevant not only for online stores. For entrepreneurs who provide services and sell intangible goods on the internet, it is also important. All small online stores and online entrepreneurs hop to the last that yandex.Checkout and other large aggregators and payment systems would solve the problem of online cash registers on their side. After all, they seem to accept payments, albeit in the interests of sellers. This means that they must screw up cash registers, punch checks, and sellers receive their money for non-cash.

Bulk SMS Service

The hopes were not justifi

Due to the law, neither yandex.Checkout nor other Doctors Email List payment “Conduits” can assume the obligations of a payment agent, as, for example, third-party courier services do. Online cash register for an online store and its connection the payment system is oblig to provide a technically reliable and secure ability to accept payment and send a notification of successful payment to the store. At this moment, the service is not a representative of the seller and does not have information about the goods sold and prices. Having receiv a signal of successful payment, the seller is oblig to send a fiscaliz electronic check to the buyer and to the tax office through the ofd. Regarding the online cash register for payments in an online store, law 54-fz says ccp.

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