Do I need a check when paying by card

Some entrepreneurs previously mistakenly believed that paying by card does not require a separate cash receipt. The card terminal prints out such a piece of paper that looks like a check! So this is not a check, this is a slip, confirmation of payment. And to him it is always necessary to punch a cash receipt – confirmation of purchase. This rule has been in effect before, but I decided to recall it once again in the topic under consideration. If the order is delivered by a courier. What is important: the courier must have a new type of mobile cash register registered and connected to the internet.

After all, the 5-minute rule applies

In this situation too! By the way, this rule SMS Gateway Serbia about breaking a check during courier delivery is also not from the new reform. Many online stores make a check in advance at the office and attach it to the order. This will save only from possible questions from buyers “where is my check?”. But when checking compliance with cash discipline, it is equated to not breaking the check at all and is fined as for its absence. Online stores can not punch checks when working with: courier services (if a special agreement for settlement and cash services (rko) is concluded; partner and agency points of issue, if they have also signed an agreement on cash settlement services; direct bank transfers and transfers.

Bulk SMS Service

Without opening an account the buyer is issued

An invoice and he pays it himself); other entrepreneurs Doctors Email List and organizations when making settlements by bank transfer. How to combine different payment systems for the convenience of customers, online stores often offer a choice of different payment and delivery systems. But buying and serving at the cash register for each type of payment will be too expensive for a small store. Is it possible to combine everything and fit into one box office? Yes! When can one cash register be used? If you have several sites, but one legal entity; if there is a website and an office warehouse or showroom.

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