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After the process outlined above, our team came up with 50 states of bacon. The idea was simple: everyone likes bacon, but who likes it the most? Ginny’s caters to a lot of people who love deep frying, so this was on-brand. We decided to use instagram’s (now difficult to access) api to extract 33,742 photos that were tagged with #bacon and located within the usa. To normalize for population distribution and instagram usage, we also collected 64,640 photos with the tags #food,

Here is What the Lrds and Da Looked Like Before

We launched the piece, and then after 4 months of it being liveThe domain authority didn’t budge until about 4 months after we launched the piece. We weren’t actively pursuing any other link-based campaigns during this time, so it’s safe to say the creative piece had a lot to do with this boost in da.

Note: since da is refreshed with new pools of data, this Office 365 Email List observation wouldn’t have been as valid if the da only moved one or two positions. But, since it moved 7 positions so close to the launch of this piece, I feel like it’s safe to assume the piece contributed greatly.

Does This Mean if You Do a Similar Piece

That your da will also increase? No. Does  Doctors Eamil List it give us a good example on what can happen? Absolutely.

A note on lrds, da, and setting expectations. Setting expectations with clients is hard. That’s even more true when you both know that links may be even more important than user engagement with your campaign. To make sure expectations are reasonable, you may want to encourage them to see this campaign as one of many over a long period of time. Then there’s less pressure on any individual piece.

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