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You can view these registers and other important information on cash desks on the tax website . A pdf catalog with brief instructions and prices for modernization and new cash registers can also be download from the ifts (but it is slowly filling up and not all models have enter yet). Many have not notic yet, but the official website of the tax authority is changing a lot and already contains clear and visually convenient information for taxpayers and useful interactive services, I highly recommend visiting it! On this page, the ifts specially made an online service for the selection and selection of cash desks and checking for the possibility.

Let’s sum up a new cash register

Look with buttons, or new modern ones Bulk SMS Italy with a touch screen, they can generally be just “black boxes” without a screen and buttons at all, connect to a computer, laptop or tablet (on which special cash register programs support by cash register manufacturers). Most importantly, they must be provid and configur: 24/7 internet connection, a valid fiscal drive, a valid contract with ofd, registration of fn in the tax office through the taxpayer’s personal account. Who should install new online cash registers the following types of businesses are requir to work with the online cash register (in fact, almost all): entrepreneurs and firms that us ccp before; sellers of excisable goods.

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Online stores entrepreneurs providing services

The population and not previously using cash desks Doctors Email List including individual entrepreneurs on utii, simplifi tax system and psn, which previously had exemption from cash discipline; owners of vending machines, vending machines and payment terminals. The exemption from the mandatory use of cash was also lost by those categories that previously could not even think about it, and often chose these tax regimes for the sake of being able to avoid cash discipline. These are individual entrepreneurs – taxpayers of utii and psn. Until july 1, 2018, they will also have to acquire and learn how to use ccp on an equal basis with everyone else, and until that moment they are requir to issue proof of payment at the first request of the buyer.

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