There are three more abbreviations often mentioned

In connection with the new cash desks: fn, fd and ofd. Let’s deal with them too. Fnfn, the fiscal drive is a small “box” built into the cash register. The so-called removable memory of the cash register, the same state agent in your store, which is designed to take into account all sales and the amount of your revenue for control by the tax authorities. The fiscal drive saves, encrypts and transmits fiscal data to the ofd. Fn came to replace eclz. Without a valid and registered fn, any cash desk turns into a simple calculator. As before eklz, the fiscal drive is subject to mandatory replacement. On osn (general taxation system) – after 13 months, but on the simplified tax system, psn, utii – after 36 months.

This is information about financial transactions

Conducted by the enterprise through the Bulk SMS Spain cash register of cash transactions, which are subject to mandatory documentation and storage by means of cash registers. Ofd, the operator of fiscal data , is an important organization responsible for the acceptance and transfer of fiscal data to the tax office. I did not mention it above so as not to confuse you right away. But all data is transmitted not just “via the internet”, but in a specially protected way through special operators. A register of registered and licensed ofds is also available on the tax website. With this organization ofd, you need to conclude a separate agreement and connect your cash desk to them. The cost of servicing the operator at the moment is about 3,000 rubles a year.

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Without an agreement with ofd an online

Cash register, as well as without a fiscal drive, will not be Doctors Email List able to work. The operator also stores fiscal information for 5 years and ensures that copies of electronic checks are sent to customers. Well, the last, most important abbreviation, which unites all these complex definitions. Kassy kassa_0important! Not all old-style kkm models are subject to disposal in the trash due to these changes. Some of the cash registers already in circulation can be upgraded by integrating an additional fn into them and setting up an internet connection. Old-style models to be improved are included in a special register of modernized ccp models and approved by the federal tax service. The register also lists all new accredited models of cash desks, released into production specifically for the new law.

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