How a Single Piece of Content Increased Our DA

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Content marketing has been discussed and researched more in the last 5 years than ever before.Source: google trendsThere are various kinds of content marketing strategies out there. Blog promotion, infographics, video strategies, and creative content are some. Depending on your goals, some are more effective than others.

At Distilled We’ve Been Fortunate Enough to Work

on many creative content pieces with some incredible clients. This article is going to focus on a piece of content that my team and I created for a client. We’ll take a look at both the creation process and the tangible results of the piece we made.

Note: in general, you don’t want to rely on one piece of content for link acquisition. It’s recommended to focus on multiple pieces throughout the year to add link diversity and give your content pieces a good chance to succeed. The following is simply a case study Gmx Email List of one piece of content that worked well for my client.

Client Backstory: We Need Links

Our client is ginny’s (shoutout to matt and cailey). Ginny’s is  Doctors Eamil List an ecommerce business based in the beautiful state of wisconsin.

We knew that regardless of how much optimization was done on the site, their lack of incoming links would be a huge barrier to success. This quickly became a topic of discussion for us.

The general rule of thumb: the more linking root domains (lrds) your site has, the stronger the domain authority should be. And the stronger the linking root domains are, the better it is for your da. In other words, it’s better to get 1 strong link (da 80+) than 10 weak links (da 20-). Kudos if the links are topically relevant to your website/brand.

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