Continuing rules are still important for him

He is already beginning to formulate general principles: for example, he himself can depict a croissant on a sheet of a different size and make it more toasty in the picture. But he still cannot draw a cupcake. Competent. A person already understands that the rules are not an immutable truth. He can deviate from them because he understands the principles and models of work. He can figure out how to draw not only a croissant, but also an eclair and a cupcake. The knowlge of the competent can already be transferr to beginners. Specialist. The work of a specialist becomes intuitive, he no longer pronounces the rules, but sees the whole system and understands how to achieve the result.

A specialist is able to draw any applies

All the baggage of his knowlge, easily finds SMS Gateway Brunei new ways to solve problems. An expert can transfer his knowlge in the form of a book or lectures. If you are thinking about creating a course, then you are already an expert! Master. A genius in his field, an expert who is in the flow and achieves the goal with perfection. Choosing a platform for creating an online course when the course has already been creat on paper, you ne to transfer it to a special platform where students will study. The choice of platforms is huge! Antitrainings pros large selection of tariffs (from 2000 to 200 000 rubles). Integrates with crm services, zapier, provides email newsletters and work with payment systems.

Bulk SMS Service

Incorporates game elements into the learning

You can translate the interface into other Doctors Email List languages Page branding.Auto checkhomework Minuses if you exce the allow memory limit, each additional gigabyte will cost 2 rubles per day. There is only a pc version, no mobile application. Focus only on company executives and training businesses. Zenclass pros there is no mobile application, but there is an optimization for mobile phones. Free online checkout. Fast and good technical support. There are no limits on the number of participants and memory us. Minuses one rate, no choice. There is no mobile app. Webinars will have to be conduct through integration with youtube. Core pros the ability to create a course and evaluate the work of the platform before payment.

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