15 Steps to install and configure WordPress on your server

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15 Steps to install and configure WordPress on your server. Hello, this is a step by step guide to install WordPress on your server. If you are thinking about making the leap from free to professional WordPress, this guide will surely help you a lot. Our students all make a blog on WordPress.com and do not need to do these steps, but our Advanced WordPress Course students do.

Register the domain for WordPress

Register the domain for WordPress. We will be able to do little if we do not have a domain, an address that users can type into their browser to come visit us and browse our content. So the first thing is to decide what domain name to use, with top people data what extension and where we are going to register it. For positioning, it is advisable to use .com although we can opt for some other variant. If you are going to create a personal blog , you can use your own name.

Hosting for WordPress

Hosting for WordPress. Once we have a domain for WordPress we need hosting, a folder with a certain amount of space hosted on a reliable server that ensures 100% availability, that is, that our website is always accessible. To install WordPress it is essential that the hosting supports PHP and MySQL databases. If your hosting cannot offer you this, I recommend Doctors Email List that you change now if you want to install WordPress. At Aula CM we have tested quite a few hostings, the conclusions we have drawn so far are quite obvious: good hosting pays.

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