How to make and write The Best Curriculum Vitae: 20 tips

How to make and write The Best Curriculum Vitae: 20 tips. Whether you are unemployed or have a job but aspire to a better position, you must have a good CV. The CV continues to be a key document to access companies and you must take maximum care of it. The main objective of a resume right now is to attract attention. Be attractive and be different from the rest. We give you all the keys on how to make a perfect professional work resume. 

Blog and Social Networks

 Blog and Social Networks. It is interesting that along with your personal data you include a direct link to your website or blog and your professional Social Networks . If you are or have been our student, you already know the importance of the blog for professions such as Community Manager, journalist, designer and publicist. If so, you will already have email database one and if you don’t have one, we highly recommend that you do so. We also advise you to share valuable content about your profession weekly on Twitter and Linkedin.

Title that defines you as a professional

Title that defines you as a professional. As the header phrase of your resume or just below your personal information, you can put a title that defines you as a professional. By this I don’t mean that Doctors Email List you say “serious, responsible, a good colleague or with organizational skills.” It’s not about writing adjectives about yourself. hat indicate what you do are better . 

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