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There is no need to overdo it with advertising in the white paper. You can add selling points inside the text (for example, cases about how you helped someone – as illustrative examples). But at the end, be sure to add a page with information about you and your project. And, of course, the main thing in the white paper is the benefit ! Otherwise, it will only harm your reputation. What format is the book in? Consider the main suitable white paper formats. Management how to fix your nails in a week at home. A clear instruction: do one, do two, do three is a good option for a white book, say, for a beauty trainer or home beautician, or here is an excellent detailed guide to free promotion of events.

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Such a book – a selection of electronic SMS Gateway Japan services for small businesses . 116 services collection of errors this is the format I used for the very first presentation tutorial, how to scare a client in 20 minutes. There was a list of errors with examples of how to and how not to. Unfortunately, this book has not survived. Faq “Answers to the most important questions of parents of first graders” – this would be a great manual for a private school or preparatory courses. Overview and analytics “The safest destinations for summer 2017” is an example of a book title for a travel agency or travel insurance company. Cases such a book may contain examples of work done, stories, and so on.

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How we saved a million on renovations

Who could talk about cost-effective solutions Doctors Email List compilation you can not only answer the most frequently asked questions, but ask market experts to answer them. For example, I took part in the creation of an e-book on how to build an audience for a webinar on a low budget. This may not be a selection, but one very massive interview with one market expert. A children’s project could release a mini-book in the form of an extended interview with, say, lyudmila petranovskaya. A selection of cheat sheets and templates an excellent option is the academy of the right copywriters “Anti-objection”. This is a selection of customer objections.

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