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It was before the new year, and we launched an advertising campaign in yandex.Direct “32 special offers for the new year.” with this campaign, we received new customers at a transfer price of 3 rubles! I am not kidding. What a smart move! Yes, and even if you look at the fact that only 10% came from a click to a lead, I think that getting a client for 30 rubles a season is very good. Despite the fact that the cost of a click on targeted queries such as calendars in bryansk was more than 100 rubles. We just presented how the client works with this printing house.

He will not remember the site address

He will simply go to yandex, and only Bulk SMS UAE yandex and enter “typography 32” in the search, we are the first in the search results, the site address is relevant (hyphen 32) and the title is also (“32 special offers. And the next is the site of the same printing house. And my employees received calls like this: “we sent you business cards yesterday. Are they ready? We answered that the client had the wrong number. then, in moscow, we looked through wordstat which printing houses were most often searched for, also bought an address with a hyphen, and called ourselves, relatively speaking printing house plus.

Bulk SMS Service

Here we also prepared a special offer

Got new customers, although in moscow it was a little Doctors Email List more expensive, but we also worked out on targeted requests. We got one new regular client – this is the most important thing for us in moscow – we are doing printing for a restaurant. They order products for various events in the restaurant and also appreciate the service. For example, on friday they send us a layout of the press wall, and on friday night they already have this press wall. Have you made a bet on the service, on how to work with the client? Yes, this is our thing. For example, conferences in moscow. They know they don’t have to worry about anything.

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