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I have long loved personalized gifts. Even at the publishing house, at the end of the year, we presented “Diplomas of a beloved client” and “Diplomas of a beloved partner”. When I first started doing this, my colleagues were skeptical, but still, when I come to the office of clients and partners of that time, I see that they have these diplomas hanging, and they are proud of them. So we did it for a reason! Now in the printing industry, we give clients a calendar that is 95% guaranteed to hang – it is personalized. With a personal appeal (“sergey, thank you!”, for example), we thank the client for being with us. Calendars are given to everyone, and with their abundance, competition begins, which one to hang on the wall.

A personal calendar is more likely to hang

Person will be proud of it. And a colleague Bulk SMS Israel will come to him, also want such a calendar and with a high degree of probability will contact us. You have to be ready to give such gifts. We are not so much ready to accept a personal appeal and attitude towards ourselves as we are not ready to demonstrate it. We are working to ensure that russia has this customer service and is at a decent level. Those who appreciate such service come to us. What do you think about the narrow niche for typography? Is it worth it and can you be a printing house “for everyone”? Niche is a must! The question is which clients are more convenient and comfortable to work with. Obviously, a corporate client pays less for a conditional business card than a private one. But I proceed from the fact that a corporate client is, as a rule, a regular client.

Bulk SMS Service

After the 3-4th time, we understand how to work

With him, so that it is convenient and easy for Doctors Email List both him and us. And conditionally, for a unit of time, we begin to serve more customers. It’s hard to niche in small towns, pursue a rather aggressive policy against competitors, but not with discounts, but with service, as we are trying to do in bryansk. There we came up with an interesting advertising move. We drove through potential clients – I personally go there once every two weeks. For each trip I have a meeting schedule ready for me. We learned from one potential client that he orders products in one printing house – let’s call it “Printing house 32”. We looked at their site and made a site with the same name just added a hyphen in the title.

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