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Maximize vertical space in the fe. Although you cant replace the images that automatically display in link previews you can prevent them from showing at all. When you share a link consider uploading an image to the post. The URL will still display in the caption but a link preview wont appear. dAlternatively consider eliminating URLs from post captions altogether. Its worth testing them in the comments rather than in the post itself as captions with external URLs can have lower reach. #3: Tips for Producing MobileFirst Videos To optimize social mia videos for mobile consider aspect ratios sound and onscreen elements. Prioritize

Vertical Videos

Like images videos work best on mobile when they take up as much vertical real estate as possible. But the specifics are a little different for each platform: Facebook business lead supports both fe videos and reels. Its often a good idea to include both types of video content in your Facebook strategy as portrait (4:5) fe videos and vertical (9:16) reels serve different purposes. Instagram no longer supports fe videos so all video content publishes

Video content

business lead

As reels. Since any will be automatically upload in this format its best to create 9:16 videos. LinkIn supports 9:16 videos but they dont yet seem to be the norm for this network. I recommend testing both 4:5 and 9:16 videos to  Doctors Email List see which works best for your audience. TikTok publishes all videos in 9:16 format so optimize for this vertical aspect ratio. X supports both 4:5 and 9:16 videos but doesnt have a dicat fe for the latter. Vertical videos arent the norm on X which automatically crops them in the fe. Its a good idea to test video

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