Analysis of competition activities The second way to determine the size of the advertising budget in the search engine is to analyze the competition. In the case of this method, the right selection of competing sites is very important. They should be sites that advertise for as many phrases as possible that you care about the most and bring the most profit. It is with them that you will mainly compete. a. Volume of traffic The first criterion to assess the scale of competition activities is the volume of traffic generated by the Search Paid channel.

Use the similarweb tool to determine it

The data available on Similar Web, enter your competitor’s domain name in the search box. You will find details about search engine traffic after scrolling part of the page. An undoubted advantage of Similar Web is the lack of need to log in Latest Mailing Database to the tool. In this way, you will analyze almost any website – including those that are your competition. After receiving the percentage result of the number of paid sessions from the search engine, you can easily obtain specific values ​​by multiplying. The percentage mentioned above by the number of all generated visits.

The competitor selected for the analysis

Latest Mailing Database

The verseo website – acquires about 5,040 sessions per. Month thanks to text ads. and easily adjust your advertising budget to the traffic determined thanks to the competition analysis. Do the same as yours – thanks to such actions you will get the average cost-per-click for phrases related to the competitor’s website. By increasing the Doctors Email List average position, you are able to calculate the maximum cost of text ads. Multiplying. The traffic from paid search results (5,040) and the average cost-per-click (PLN 19. You will get your competitor’s advertising budget of PLN 95,760. b. The size of the PPC budget Another way to determine. The cost of a Google Ads campaign is to analyze. The size of the competition’s PPC budgets for paid advertising within the search engine.