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It was in april of the year before last, and on july 1 we won the tender and opened a branch in bryansk. Development in the regions continues: one of these days we are opening a branch in orel. And we also plan to enter another global region, because there are clients who want to work with us. And it is also a very good help for the training business to open a network of enterprises. In some regions, and in one visit it is possible to reach the clients of the printing house, and conduct a training or work with a car service . By the way, I’m moving away from the word “Typography”. I like our name – visual communications agency.

We provide a full range of services related

This very visual communication. The client does Bulk SMS Cambodia not need to look for where to order different types of these products: a souvenir, banners, etc. We do everything. And I am not ashamed to say that we reorder part of the products, and it comes out even cheaper, despite the fears of customers, because we take products from large industries, due to our volume we have big discounts there, and we can give customers the same prices, which he won’t get anywhere else. Does the name “visual communications agency” scare customers.

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Do they understand what it’s about

Here you hit the mark. It’s a pretty complicated story. When you Doctors Email List need to print business cards, what are you looking for? Printing house, polygraphy, there can be many different options. And I am of the opinion that “How you call a boat, so it will float.” our name is beautiful, it is different from others. On the other hand, this is a clear explanation of what we are still doing. At trainings for car service owners, I explain this: if you call a person who is engaged in sales for you, a master-receiver, then he will only accept. And you need to take into account that the reception is, relatively speaking, a quarter of his duties, and the main process is the issuance and work with the client.

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