We got new customers with whom

We were ready to take. We learned that kia marketers have a closed vkontakte group. And what advertising source might be most relevant to this audience? But tjust don’t get in. We asked a familiar marketer to place our contacts in this group and tell us that we definitely have these blanks for badges, we guarantee this, and indicate the prices. We have received more than 15 orders from this group. It was a win-win for everyone. For us, because it is income. For marketers, because there is no need to look for a contractor in your city who will do this. For manufacturers – because we saved them from a big headache. Plus, we got new customers with whom we are still working.

Customers and partners with recommendations

The best advertising medium. And we need to Bulk SMS Jordan develop this channel. For example, I sincerely like the conferences organized by natasha frankel, and I want to promote them. As part of our partnership with her, we raffled off two tickets for clients: one for moscow, the other for bryansk. These are advanced and loyal customers, this is obvious. And of course, they will say only the best about us now. At the recent “My traffic” conference with the winners of the draw at the recent “my traffic” conference with the winners of the drawing or here’s another example. For one client, for a closed presentation of the annual report, we made a high-quality handout.

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Came up with badges of an interesting

Unusual form for presentation – on a magnet, like for car Doctors Email List dealership staff. The client wrote to me that not only he was pleased, that everyone was surprised by this. And three asked for the contacts of the company that made them. That is our contacts. So the original product + quality work – it sells itself. On what basis do you choose the regions with which you will work? We have a major client – a federal company that sells cars throughout russia. When we met their representative in bryansk, we found out that in bryansk there is an acute problem with high-quality printing.

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