The New Supermarkets Without Checkouts

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 Innovation in large-scale retail trade according to.  The amazon go model supermarkets without checkouts? It is the new frontier of large-scale retail trade inaugurat by.  Amazon, in which some large-scale retail brands are also investing. The first to have invent markets without checkouts was jeff bezos’.  Giant, which open the first physical sales points in america, where.  It is possible to buy quickly and without queuing. Shoppers.  Enter the store using their smartphone as if it were a badge and a system.  Of cameras, sensors and artificial intelligence records all purchases . .And debits the costs directly to the customers’ current account. After amazon, carrefour, tesco and conad are also developing .  .New supermarkets without checkouts and clerks.

Useful innovation or threat to workers and competitors?

Useful innovation or threat to workers and competitors? Are we fac with an opportunity or a threat? It’s a question we have to ask ourselves, because this.  Marketing strategy will most likely also come to us in italy, even if not immiately. Tesco, carrefour and conad are currently experimenting with their. . Own stores without shop assistants. Will it be an additional servic .. For customers in addition to that offer by traditional supermarkets . Which we all know, or is it a danger for latest database workers, who risk their jobs,.  And for competitors who will not be able to afford the same technologies? We hope for a middle ground, that is, that it is an additional service,

Supermarkets without Conad checkouts

Dicat to the most hasty customers, which takes . Nothing away from the points of sale with employ staff and from less. Innovative competitors. Tesco pick and go the news in circulation mainly concerns tesco and conad. Tesco is experimenting . With “pick and go”, an innovative technology creat by israeli start-up trigo vision. With this technology, customers will be able to enter.  Tesco markets by Doctors Email List swiping their loyalty card into a reader or use apps and qr codes on smartphones. Similar to amazon go,.  The store will be equipp with smart cameras position on the ceiling,.  Which will film every single movement of shoppers and keep track of all the products plac in the cart. Only when customers have left the market will the total expense be calculat

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